Christmas Letter 2016

     The Whole Brain Foundation

6 Clement Circle, Cambridge, MA 02138


​​Dear Friends of Charlie,

My Merry Christmas 2016 present to you is the promise of a 3-D Whole Brain Artificial Mind as a Digital Prototype of “CharliesConceptualCube” for delivery December 25, 2017 to the whole team.

The 2-D Whole Brain Model has been enormously successful and has transformed the lives of millions worldwide.

I’m inviting my Friends to join in a fundraiser to transform the MOCKUP of the Whole Brain 3-D Artificial Mind of 2016 into a DIGITAL PROTOTYPE for Christmas 2017. I’m seeking to raise 100K for 2017 and asking you to collaborate.

You may send checks to Charles Atkinson, EdD, President and Founder, payable to The Whole Brain Foundation, Inc., at 6 Clement Circle, Cambridge, MA 02138 or donate online:

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The 2-D Whole Brain Mind

Graphic Including Creative Problem Solving Process

Charles Atkinson, EdD, Cambridge MA 02138 12/12/15

Merry Christmas 2016 and Happy New Year 2017!

I’m sending along a report of progress and a request for support for the mission and vision of The Whole Brain Foundation, Inc.

My 80th year has met all expectations. My recovery and rehabilitation has resulted in the invention of something new under the sun: a 3-D Whole Brain Artificial Mind that integrates Creativity in problem solving with Humanity and Technology. It will help Human Intelligence communicate with Artificial Intelligence.

I call it “CharliesConceptualCube.” CCC’s promise is to increase Human Intelligence many magnitudes by providing a tool to improve thinking in the three dimensions of Creativity, Humanity and Technology. It will change the paradigm for “thinking” for smarter persons and smarter phones. It is a common denominator and conceptual framework that builds on and improves upon the 2-D Whole Brain Model in our current logo.

This new improved mental framework has led to unexpected and astonishing successes. We now have a mockup on the dining room table that is constructed of cubes. It looks like the streets of Manhattan. Our strategy is to create a digital prototype that all can view, manipulate, and explore — right there on their smartphones.

It’s a “mindshot” moonshot. We’ve completed our initial organizational work, partially funded with member dues, in order to exploit this research breakthrough. We’re now a 501(c)(3) non-profit with an outstanding board of directors, advisors and staff. They serve on a volunteer, part-time or free-lance basis. Paid workers wait in the wings — ready to go in 2017 when we will seek research contracts after raising our seed capital.

I’m able to provide examples of the successful startup proof of concept projects already completed in individual health competencies. There are many candidates for future projects that integrate Creativity with all groups of Humanity and all layers of Technology. Enclosed is an executive summary, in outline form, that highlights our progress in 2016, and identifies specific program initiatives. Information is provided on how to contribute: You may send checks to Charles Atkinson, EdD, President and Founder, payable to The Whole Brain Foundation, Inc., at 6 Clement Circle, Cambridge, MA 02138. Or donate online:


The 3-D Whole Brain Artificial Mind

Mock-up of CharliesConceptualCube

Charles Atkinson, EdD, Cambridge MA 02138 12/21/16

Questions you may have about The Whole Brain Foundation, Inc.

  1. PASSION: What are your Passionate Interests?To create a new tool for thinking about thinking behaviorally — a picture-able, programmable, identifiable and connectable 3-D Whole Brain Artificial Mind. I call it: “CharliesConceptualCube”. (CCC)
  2. MISSION: What are your Goals and Mission?To invent this new tool for thinking, or CCC, I must first realize the spatial roadmap problem-solving process from the back to front of the brain dimension for Creativity; second, provide a left to right horizontal dimension for the identifiable networks of Humanity; third, map the bottom to top vertical hierarchy of knowledge interconnections of Technology. The 3-D Whole Brain Artificial Mindis a common denominator conceptual framework. It will add pattern-recognition to alphanumeric thinking and computer processing for five billion humans and as many smartphones by 2020.
  3. VISION: What is your Vision and Strategic Plan? “CharliesConceptualCubeis now a mock-up with eight 5x5x5 Rubik’s Cubes configured as an imaginable city — with a dome, streets, buildings, three dimensions, five divisions, six directions, and eight buildings plus basements yielding 1000 rooms. The CCCDigital Prototype (DP) will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to build an Artificial Mind (AM). Each room is a memory palace that augments Human Intelligence (HI). The DP is the most critical step in developing and sharing CCC.
  4. CONSTRUCTION: What is your Budget and Use of Proceeds for Seven Program Initiatives?With $100,000 in seed capital in 2016 to prepare for obtaining $1,000,000 in 2017, we will pursue:
  5. Research: Continue the 3-D exploration of the Conceptual Framework for the Human Mind – a tool to improve thinking with Creativity and the connection between Humanity and Technology. CCCis the research result of startup proof of concept projects —— successful health, learning, and business applications — for individual, social, organizational, political and civilizational problems, challenges and opportunities.
  6. The Directors, Officers and Advisors: Charles Atkinson, President and Founder; Malcolm Mackay JD, Russell Reynolds Managing Director; Gene Keluche, MBA Chairman Native American Sports; Buks Moolman, CPA,CA(SA), ACA(CA)SA), CGMA, Treasurer; Advisors: John Winthrop, MBA, Malcolm Peabody MBA IssueOne, Charter Schools Washington, DC; Andrew Farrar, Entrepreneur; Tyler Richard AB Harvard Teaching Fellow; Francis deMarneffe, MD President Emeritus McLean Hospital.
  7. Staff and Member Services: Kiara Barrow, Chief Operating Officer; Allison Cook, Chief of Staff; Jen Matheson, Executive Assistant; Nolan Watts, Director, Health Competencies; Yanique Montille, Director, Finance and Administration; Lauren Hawkins, Director of Development; nonprofit enterprise qualified; Microsoft TechSoup Donation Program; Timothy Burke and Chris Bulens, JD, CPA
  8. The Book: “CharliesConceptualCube”CCC The 3-D Whole Brain Artificial Mind
  9. Social Media:, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  10. Products: A digital prototype of CCC, envisioned as the streets and buildings of Manhattan, configuration of eight cubes; learning how-to learn and think curriculum; a database learning system platform; simulations, games and toys; and a set of standards to be co-developed and shared through a consortium.
  11. Contracts and Projects: The MacArthur Foundation, 100&change (7,084 registrants, we are one of 1784 proposals accepted, winners announced December 6, 2016); XQAmerica – Rethink American Schools – we were selected to compete; 10 proposals won. AI 100 – second round 800. All Competitors will be offered the 3-D Whole Brain Artificial Mind DP for CCC as a tool for Creative problem solving to connect Humanity and Technology
  12. EXECUTION: How to donate?Please give generously with a check to: The Whole Brain Foundation, Inc., Charles Atkinson, EdD, at 6 Clement Circle, Cambridge, MA 02138 IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit) or give securely online:

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting in the New Year to discuss the many ways we can change the world for the better.

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Charles Atkinson EdD
President and Founder
The Whole Brain Foundation, Inc.
6 Clement Circle
Cambridge, MA 02138

Team2016 Member Dues and Donations


  • Allerton Cushman, Jr, 2011, $5000;
  • Susan Kidney, 2015, $5000;
  • Charles Atkinson, $5000;
  • Malcolm Peabody, $1250;
  • Sam Atkinson, $1000;
  • John Winthrop, $300;
  • Richard Chute, $250;
  • Heidi Ames, $200;
  • Dan Hogan, $200;
  • Fred Mudge, $100;
  • Tim Burke, $100;
  • David and Jean Nathan, $100;
  • Helen Atkinson, $100;
  • Tom Atkinson, $100;
  • Tuyet Atkinson Hurst, $100;
  • Pat Rioux, $100

                   With Watson and Atkinson, the world and the mind are…

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