Help Fund The Fix What ALZ You Six Month Bootcamp Challenge to Fight Chronic Diseases for Health and Wellness

It is Charlie Atkinson here in Cambridge. Thank you for all of your support. It was your support from 2012 to now that helped me return from West Nile Virus.

In June 2018, I was featured on “Tales from the ICU” that captured my journey of recovery by Channel 5 TV WCVB in Boston.

It was with your encouragement that I established The Whole Brain Foundation, Inc. in 2015, to study these remarkable and improbable health journeys and begin to share them in collaboration with the whole world. We are happy to report on our progress in 2018. I want to invite each of you to engage with us to help our research and development, so that everyone will have a thinking toolbox to improve health for longer and higher quality living.

Our Invention — The Atkinson Artificial Mind to Augment Thinking

Our research on the process to improve thinking and problem solving for wellness is based on The Atkinson Artificial Mind. This is a visual representation of learning architecture that maps to the biological, physical, and virtual worlds. We have conducted Bootcamp Training for wellness as our proof of concept project. Data from these bootcamps, some of which are presented in section 4 of this report, will be populated with patient data. This innovative 5D conceptual framework will become digital prototype. Patients will be able to create their own Personalized Wellness Protocol using this framework, results can be shared over the web in The Whole Connected Health System.

Our Vision — The Second Manhattan Project to Enrich Your Cranium

We’re thinking BIG! We envision a world where we will be able to obliterate the diseases of civilization. Our atomic bomb is behavior modification Six Month Bootcamp Training for patients and their families to:

  1. Think: Toolset AM (Artificial Mind) Augment HI (Human Intelligence) Master AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  2. Diagnose: Identify the root causes of the signs and symptoms of chronic disease
  3. Treat: Beyond medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical to test lifestyle and biological interventions
  4. Cure: Correct cellular deficiency and toxicity of metabolic dysfunction to optimize wellness
  5. Prevent: Train healthy habits and daily patterns with a Personalized Wellness Protocol

Our Challenge — The Fix What ALZ You Six Month Bootcamp Training

We’re starting small. We launched our sixth proof of concept “Fix What ALZ You” Six Month Bootcamp Training on July 1st. With two unwell but committed participants. The Bootcamp serves as a testbed to combine people, process, and prototype. Our goal for the bootcamp is to keep improving the health of participants while trying the many promising but still unproven, unaccepted, or underutilized interventions to see what works to reduce pain and dysfunction, and promote wellness.

Alpha Test: Charlie

Six years into his recovery from neuroinvasive West Nile Virus, Charlie, soon to be 82, has overcome dire predictions and death defying setbacks. He is now functioning both at home and away but with still much more wellness to be accomplished.

  • AlterG Treadmill, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Stem Cell Therapy Panama, Keto Diet, Sleep Apps, EMDR , BEMER Peripheral Vascular Therapy, FMT, Massage, Reiki, PT Spaulding

Beta Test: Arnie and Derek

Arnie is caring for his 38 year old son Derek, who suffered from Lyme Disease and then stroke resulting from open heart surgery. After Spending nine months, immobile and mute, he is beginning to benefit from stem cell therapy and HBOT. Optimism and hope are returning to Arnie and Derek.

  • Stem Cell Therapy, HBOT, Intensive Physical Therapy, OT, Speech Therapy, Embral Ingestion at Institute of Neurological Research

Our Results — The Whole Connected Health System

Here is the progress report for Alpha Test Charlie and Beta Test Arnie/Derek, showing sample results of specific improvements from the multiple interventions during the Bootcamp.

Charlie’s Current Progress Showing Sample Visuals November 6th, 2018

Our Organization — The Whole Brain Foundation

Thank you to all who have made our research possible and successful.

  • Directors: Charles Atkinson, Malcolm MacKay, Gene Keluche, Andrew Farrar, Dennis Bonilla
  • Officers: Charles Atkinson, President and Founder; Phillip Bonomo, COO; Buks Moolman Treasurer; Tim Burke, CPA; Evan Kirstel, Digital Evangelist; Irma Rastegayeva, Innovation Catalyst
  • Advisors: Malcolm E Peabody Jr, Francis de Marneffe MD, Daniela Lamas MD, Sarah Biller, John Winthrop, Egils Milbergs, Hugh O’ Donnell, Marshall Van Alstyne
  • Staff: Hyoseok Kahng, Shuning Wang, Allison Cook, Artem Loshak, Nolan Watts, Juliana Coles, Yanique Montille, James Graham, Carol Egan, Emese Bod
  • Strategic Partners: Whole Systems International Corporation, DBLS Holdings, BEMER Group, Stem Cell Institute of Panama, Partners Connected Health Conference 2018, Coalition for Radical Life Extension: RAADFest, Herrmann International, Dingman IP Law, Evira Health, PCORI, PFAC
  • Donation Members: Abdul Yusuff, Ali Bozkurt, Allerton Cushman Jr, Anne R Clifton, Benjamin Tariri, BJ Averell, Brian J. & Bonnie Sellstrom, Caroline G. Darst & Guy B. Darst, Jr, Carin Knoop, Catherine Campbell & John Henn, Charles D. Atkinson, Charles Downer, Cynthia McClintock, Dan Hogan, Dick and Pat Chute, David and Gene Nathan, Francis De Marneffe, Frederick Kirch & Marie Josee Caron, Henry & Janet Vaillant, John A. Bross, John Winthrop, Lina Hristova, Malcolm E. & Pamela R. Peabody, Mary Ames, Jamie and Masie Houghton, Merom Brachman, Michael & Cornelia Elwood, Michael Goodkin, Michael Ogilvie, Nancy H. & H. Calvin Place, Neil P. & Elinor Olken, Pat Rioux, Richard M and Priscilla Hunt, Ronald Lee Fleming, Russell Bastedo, Sam Atkinson, Scott Custer, Susan Kidney, Thayer Greene, Tim Burke, Tom Atkinson, Tom & Judy Bracken, Tuyet Atkinson Hurst, Vivian Matito

Our Integration Mission — to Offer the Health Employee Learning Platform (HELP)

Charlie Atkinson’s Bootcamp at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Cambridge for WNV cost $1,000,000 a year. Our next and seventh Bootcamp for chronic critical illness with long term acute care patients transitioning from hospital to home. We are combining the results of our Bootcamp with the digital prototype. Our goal is to have a strong curriculum and capacity for more patients in 2019. With disrupting exponential innovation, our Massively Transformative Purpose is: Bootcamps for 5B patients at $100 a year —10,000 to 1 cost reduction!

Our Invitation for Engagement — Personalized Wellness Protocol

We invite you to engage with us and our research. Your help will enable us to continue our bootcamps with an ever-growing waiting list of eager participants. Your donation will make it possible for everyone to build their own Personalized Wellness Protocol.

Please consider a generous contribution to our research. Please send a tax deductible 501(c)(3) donation payable to: The Whole Brain Foundation, Inc., with the attached form and return envelope. Please take a look at our August 2018 plan and engagement — Charlie’s Manifesto: Being Immortal and The Funds of August

Help Fund The Fix What ALZ You Six Month Bootcamp Challenge to Fight Chronic Diseases of Civilization

Charles Atkinson, EdD

President and Founder

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Charles Atkinson, EdD
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